What data are in the database?

The RLUK (Research Libraries UK) catalogue represents the holdings of its members, including UK and Ireland legal deposit libraries. It also includes records from contributing non-member libraries (for example, the Library of Tate Britain), plus other resource records (for example, from the Library of Congress). A full list of contributing libraries can be viewed here.

What data are expected to be added?

An up-to-date list of future scheduled contributors can be viewed here.

What standards are used?

Standards that RLUK has set out in the cataloguing of items in its member libraries can be found at:http://www.rluk.ac.uk/node/300

How does RLUK identify its records?

Records in the database are identified through use of the RLUK 049 and the 090 fields. Please see http://www.rluk.ac.uk/node/306#049 for more information

Who can use the RLUK database?

Any not for profit organisation: e.g. academic libraries, public libraries, research organisations.

How much does it cost?

Access is free for members of RLUK but for non-members the following charges apply: 49p plus VAT per search. There are no other charges.

Can I download records in UKMARC?

RLUK no longer runs a UKMARC service as such. It may be possible to provide you with batch-downloading of converted records from the MARC21 database. To discuss this possibility, please contact Mike Mertens

I would like to find out where material is held but don’t require bibliographic records in MARC format

The records of the member libraries of RLUK and other non-member contributors to the service are also available via Copac which is a free national online tool for anyone wishing to find out where material is held.

I would like to find out where serials material is held but don’t require bibliographic records in MARC format

The serial records of the majority of RLUK member libraries and from other bibliographical sources are also available via SUNCAT, which is a free national service for anyone wishing to find out where serials material is held.

I would like further technical information on the MARC21 database

A full specification of the database can be found at: http://www.rluk.ac.uk/node/465

I would like to search the MARC21 database from a Z39.50 client

Comprehensive information on using your Z39.50 client to access the RLUK database is available at: http://www.rluk.ac.uk/node/463

Can You Search The Database Via A Web Interface?

Yes, RLUK has created an alternative way of accessing its database, using a web front-end and encompassing all the major features (deduplication and record weighting) of the service available via Z39.50. All details on this way of working are to be found at: http://www.rluk.ac.uk/node/312

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