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RLUK Board

RLUK’s Board of Directors set out the strategic direction for RLUK activities. Board members are elected by the membership and serve terms of three years for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Robin Green (Chair)
Robin Green (Chair)University of Warwick
Nick Barratt
Nick BarrattSenate House Libraries
Stella Butler
Stella ButlerUniversity of Leeds
Simon Chaplin (Treasurer)
Simon Chaplin (Treasurer)Wellcome Trust
Jessica Gardner (Vice-Chair)
Jessica Gardner (Vice-Chair)University of Cambridge
Diane Job
Diane JobUniversity of Birmingham
Masud Khokhar
Masud KhokharUniversity of York
John Scally
John ScallyNational Library of Scotland
Caroline Taylor
Caroline TaylorUniversity of Leicester
Jill Taylor-Roe
Jill Taylor-RoeNewcastle University