Collective Collections

The collections held by RLUK members, together with other memory institutions across the world, provide an interconnected network of scholarship. Scholars and students navigate this network to get the full range of materials they need to further their research or learning. By coming together, RLUK members and the wider community can introduce efficiencies into the processes underpinning support for research and look to set up collaborative collection management. RLUK will identify potential areas for collaborative actions, with a focus on those that can best be progressed by collectives at the scale of RLUK.

Under this strategic strand RLUK is working on six priority areas: Print storage, Plan B, Plan M, Reading and Publishing, E-textbooks, Decolonising and Diversification.

RLUK will work with Jisc and other partners on Plan M, a project to streamline the bibliographic metadata marketplace.

RLUK’s Space Programme explore the growth of hybrid and blended working across member institutions and document current interests and initiatives around space (re-)development.


David Prosser


Chris Banks

Tracey Stanley

RLUK Networks

RLUK’s Networks explore areas of professional or strategic interest to members, and work closely with the Board and Executive to deliver RLUK’s strategic objectives.

The Role of the Research Library strategic strand is supported by the Collections Strategy Network (CSN), a professional-peer network for colleagues who are responsible for collection strategy within an RLUK member library. It acts as a forum for discussion, knowledge sharing, peer development, and harnesses RLUK members’ collective experience and expertise.

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