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RLUK Conference 2016

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The next RLUK Conference will be held at the British Library on 9-11 March 2016. Click the link on the right to be taken to the main conference website.

Conference theme

The research library in the 21st century is undergoing a significant transformation. Continuing to sit squarely at the heart of academic life, it is experiencing disruptive innovation at a speed never before experienced. Its user communities are growing and changing; its service portfolio is expanding; its technologies are proliferating; and its skills mix is diversifying year by year.

The current challenges for the research library are immense. As the growing knowledge economy is shifting priorities and policies, we want to explore how disruptive innovation can help us move beyond traditional models and legacy thinking in order to drive forward change and progress. This is required in order to develop new opportunities for libraries through the reinvention and rethinking of strategies, policies, organisational structures, cultures, systems and work processes.

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