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Associate Directors Network (ADN)

The RLUK Associate Directors Network is a professional network for RLUK members in a Deputy Librarian or Associate Director role. It aims to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of experience, the opportunity to participate in the business of RLUK and to aid succession planning.

Upcoming ADN-related events

Terms of Reference

Rachel Beckett
University of Manchester

Christopher Cipkin
University of Birmingham

Convenor duties:

  • To organise two events per year, with the support of the RLUK Executive.
  • To liaise with the RLUK Executive and Board regarding the current and future development of the group.
  • The term of service for SCLN Convenors is 2 years. Convenors are selected by nomination and election.

The ADN is open to members of an RLUK institution who hold a Deputy Librarian or Associate Director role. Members will be nominated (by name rather than by job title) by the Director of their respective institution with a limit of only one ADN member per institution.

  • The intellectual input of the group is the responsibility of its members, lead by two elected Convenors. The Executive will provide logistical and administrative assistance when needed.
  • Convenors will serve a term of two years, with replacements sought through nomination and election.
  • ADN members will have the opportunity to contribute to RLUK strategic developments through involvement in working groups or other activities initiated or agreed by the RLUK Board.
  • An ADN member may be nominated by the RLUK Board to represent RLUK on an external committee or group.

Travel and expenses of group members will be borne by their institution. Expenses of invited speakers will be covered by RLUK subject to prior agreement from the RLUK Treasurer.

The network has an allocated yearly budget at its disposal to cover the cost of events e.g. venue hire, catering etc.

ADN members

Neil Curtis
Neil CurtisUniversity of Aberdeen
Christopher Cipkin
Christopher CipkinUniversity of Birmingham
Stuart Hunt
Stuart HuntUniversity of Bristol
Torsten Reimer
Torsten ReimerBritish Library
Patricia Killiard
Patricia KilliardCambridge University Library
Tracey Stanley
Tracey StanleyCardiff University
Mike Wall
Mike WallDurham University
Kirsty Lingstadt
Kirsty LingstadtUniversity of Edinburgh
Vacant post
Vacant postUniversity of Exeter
Martina McChrystal
Martina McChrystalUniversity of Glasgow
Frances Boyle
Frances BoyleImperial College London
Lis Hannon
Lis HannonKing's College London
Jane Saunders
Jane SaundersUniversity of Leeds
Jo Aitkins
Jo AitkinsUniversity of Leicester
Alastair Flett
Alastair FlettUniversity of Liverpool
Nick Barratt
Nick BarrattSenate House Libraries
Martin Reid
Martin ReidLSE
Rachel Beckett
Rachel BeckettUniversity of Manchester
Stuart Lewis
Stuart LewisNational Library of Scotland
Pedr ap Llwyd
Pedr ap LlwydNational Library of Wales
Vacant post
Vacant postNewcastle University
Christine Middleton
Christine MiddletonUniversity of Nottingham
Amy Warner May
Amy Warner MayUniversity of Oxford
Sarah Molloy
Sarah MolloyQueen Mary University of London
Jane O'Neill
Jane O'NeillQueen's University Belfast
Paul Johnson
Paul JohnsonUniversity of Reading
Matthew Brooke
Matthew BrookeRoyal Holloway, University of London
Christine Wise
Christine WiseSOAS University of London
Alison Little
Alison LittleUniversity of Sheffield
Wendy White
Wendy WhiteUniversity of Southampton
Jennifer Louden
Jennifer LoudenUniversity of St Andrews
Joanna Ball
Joanna BallUniversity of Sussex
Jessie Kurtz
Jessie KurtzTrinity College Dublin
Vacant post
Vacant postUniversity College London
Heather Green
Heather GreenUniversity of Warwick
Jenny Haynes
Jenny HaynesWellcome Collection
Vacant post
Vacant postUniversity of York