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  • Reshaping Scholarship through Library Innovation

    The RLUK Conference 2019 took place at the excellent premises of Wellcome Collection on 20-22 March 2019. This year’s conference theme ‘Reshaping Scholarship: Transformation, Innovation, and Cultural Change’ was strongly linked to the RLUK strategy ‘Reshaping Scholarship’ which, having been launched in March 2018, [...]

  • Challenge focused and member driven: RLUK announces new member networks

    Reshaping Scholarship: a conference This year’s RLUK conference was held between 20-22 March at the Wellcome Collection, London, and brought together around 200 colleagues from across the international research library, information, and academic communities. The theme of the conference was 'Reshaping Scholarship: Transformation, Innovation [...]

  • Opening up collections and making an impact through collective work

    RLUK Special Collections Programme (SCP) As RLUK’s Special Collections Programme (SCP) is poised to embark on a third phase of activity following two years of intensive work through phases 1 and 2, we take a moment to look at the main outcomes and achievements [...]

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