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  • Exploring EDI best practice in libraries and archives. A DCDC22 session report.

    Last month saw the virtual Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities (DCDC) conference which brought together around 400 professionals from across the library, archive, academic and cultural heritage communities. The conference took place on 11th-15th July 2022 and explored how digital and inclusive innovation is transforming [...]

  • Library Lending Fit for the 21st Century? Controlled Digital Lending in the UK

    Recently, an online event was held to discuss the current status and prospects for Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) in the UK. The event was hosted by Chris Morrison and Jane Secker and jointly run by the National Acquisitions Group and ALT [...]

  • Becoming a Library Director

    RLUK’s New Director Network (NDN) was formed a few years ago as an informal grouping bringing together people who had recently become Library Directors at RLUK member institutions. It acts as a peer network for those newly appointed. Recently the network welcomed a new [...]

Sector news

BMC research notes: Systemic problems require systemic solutions: the need for coordination and cooperation to improve research quality

Authors: Emma Ganley, Anne-Marie Coriat, Sarah Shenow & David Prosser Various factors contribute to [...]

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