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Digital Scholarship Network (DSN)

The RLUK Digital Scholarship Network (DSN) is a professional peer network for RLUK members involved in the development and delivery of Digital Scholarship services within member libraries. The DSN brings together colleagues from a variety of career stages and disciplines, and harnesses the collective expertise and experience of RLUK members. Guided by an action plan of activity until 2021, the DSN is working to develop and lead tangible programmes of work for the collective benefit of RLUK members and the wider information community.

The DSN meets regularly throughout the year, both physically and virtually, and its meetings regular include guest speakers from across the international DS community. The network is led by two elected co-convenors,  Kirsty Lingstadt (Head of Digital Library, Deputy Director Library & University Collections, University of Edinburgh) and Eleonora Gandolfi (Head of Digital Scholarship, University of Southampton).

DSN events

Upcoming DSN-related events

Terms of Reference

Eleonora Gandolfi
University of Southampton

Kirsty Lingstadt
University of Edinburgh

Convenor duties:

  • To lead and own a programme of work (contained within an action plan).
  • To organise two or three events per year, with the assistance of the RLUK Executive.
  • To liaise with the RLUK Board regarding the current and future development of the DSN through active liaison with the Board Champion.
  • Term of Service = 2 years. Replacements by nomination and election.

The DSN is open to members of an RLUK library who are involved in the development and delivery of Digital Scholarship services. Although the network can include individuals at a variety of career stages (including practitioners), preference should be given to those colleagues with a strategic overview of digital scholarship activities within their organisations. Members will be nominated (by name rather than by job title) by the Director of their respective institution with a limit of two DSN members per institution.

  • The intellectual input of the DSN is the responsibility of its members, led by two convenors. In the DSN’s development phase, these convenors will be nominated by the DSN’s Board Champions. The RLUK Executive will provide logistical and administrative support to the establishment, development, and delivery of the DSN and its associated activities.
  • Convenors will serve a term of two years, with replacements sought through nomination and election after this point.
  • A report, summarising the activities of the DSN, will be presented at RLUK board meetings to provide visibility and accountability.
  • Up to two members of the RLUK Executive will be present to take notes at DSN meetings and assist in the compilation of the report to the Board.
  • The ADN and SCLN will be represented within the DSN through the nomination of a named representative for each. These will report back to their respective networks on the work of the DSN and vice versa.


  • The DSN will have a mixed physical-digital presence, through meetings, events, and a jiscmail community.
  • Although meeting as a whole, it may be appropriate that the DSN creates a number of task and finish groups to undertake specific pieces of work under an overarching network action plan (to be created in 2019).

Travel and expenses of group members will be borne by their institution. Expenses of invited speakers will be covered by RLUK subject to prior agreement from the RLUK Treasurer.

The network has an allocated yearly budget at its disposal to cover the cost of events e.g. venue hire, catering etc.

Digital scholarship case studies

As a part of its continued work around digital scholarship and the digital shift within collections, RLUK has collated a number of case studies which provide an overview of current work being undertaken across RLUK libraries in relation to the development of digital scholarship processes, services, and spaces. They highlight current best-practice, lessons learnt, and we hope will facilitate knowledge exchange between members. They will also complement the recent research undertaken by RLUK into Digital Scholarship and the publication of Digital scholarship and the role of the research library, and help inform the future work of a number of RLUK’s member networks.

The case studies highlight:

  • New practices or processes which have challenged or changed ways of working within the library;
  • Ways in which the library has established itself as a trusted, and costed, partner working with researchers or other departments in the design and development of digital scholarship services;
  • The creation of digital scholarship (inc. humanities) spaces within the library, or involving the library, and the intended purpose of these and the use to which these have been put;
  • The creation of new teams or departments around digital scholarship activities and the perceived benefits of these

***Some case studies may currently be restricted to RLUK members only.

Development of Digital Scholarship Centre and development of Digital Scholarship within the Library and University Collections, University of Edinburgh

This project highlights how Library and University Collections, University [...]

DSN members

Joanna Adams
Joanna AdamsUniversity of Aberdeen
Andrew MacGregor
Andrew MacGregorUniversity of Aberdeen
John Dowd
John DowdUniversity of Birmingham
Michael Dainton
Michael DaintonUniversity of Birmingham
Stephen Gray
Stephen GrayUniversity of Bristol
Debra Hiom
Debra HiomUniversity of Bristol
Torsten Reimer
Torsten ReimerBritish Library
Neil Fitzgerald
Neil FitzgeraldBritish Library
Lesley Gray
Lesley GrayCambridge University Library
Huw Jones
Huw JonesCambridge University Library
Kellie Snow
Kellie SnowCardiff University
Lindsay Roberts
Lindsay RobertsCardiff University
Matthew Phillips
Matthew PhillipsDurham University
Vacant role
Vacant roleDurham University
Kirsty Lingstadt
Kirsty LingstadtUniversity of Edinburgh
Francesca Baseby
Francesca BasebyUniversity of Edinburgh
Gary Stringer
Gary StringerUniversity of Exeter
Caroline Gale
Caroline GaleUniversity of Exeter
William Nixon
William NixonUniversity of Glasgow
Mick Eadie
Mick EadieUniversity of Glasgow
Katherine Rose
Katherine RoseImperial College London
Ruth Harrison
Ruth HarrisonImperial College London
Jessica Borge
Jessica BorgeKing's College London
Geoff Browell
Geoff BrowellKing's College London
Claire Knowles
Claire KnowlesUniversity of Leeds
Jodie Double
Jodie DoubleUniversity of Leeds
Neil Donohue
Neil DonohueUniversity of Leicester
Joanne Dunham
Joanne DunhamUniversity of Leicester
Alastair Flett
Alastair FlettUniversity of Liverpool
Vacant role
Vacant roleUniversity of Liverpool
Vacant role
Vacant roleSenate House Libraries
Vacant role
Vacant roleSenate House Libraries
Beth Clark
Beth ClarkLSE
Neil Stewart
Neil StewartLSE
Lorraine Beard
Lorraine BeardUniversity of Manchester
Jane Gallagher
Jane GallagherUniversity of Manchester
Ines Byrne
Ines ByrneNational Library of Scotland
Stuart Lewis
Stuart LewisNational Library of Scotland
Owain Rhys Roberts
Owain Rhys RobertsNational Library of Wales
Vacant role
Vacant roleNational Library of Wales
John Williams
John WilliamsNewcastle University
Rachel Hawkes
Rachel HawkesNewcastle University
Vacant role
Vacant roleUniversity of Nottingham
Beth Montague-Hellen
Beth Montague-HellenUniversity of Nottingham
Judith Siefring
Judith SiefringUniversity of Oxford
Amy Warner May
Amy Warner MayUniversity of Oxford
Sarah Molloy
Sarah MolloyQueen Mary University of London
Jeremey Claridge
Jeremey ClaridgeQueen Mary University of London
Vacant role
Vacant roleQueen's University Belfast
Deirdre Wildy
Deirdre WildyQueen's University Belfast
Vacant role
Vacant roleUniversity of Reading
Sue Egleton
Sue EgletonUniversity of Reading
Nicola Cockarill
Nicola CockarillRoyal Holloway, University of London
Vacant role
Vacant roleRoyal Holloway, University of London
Vacant role
Vacant roleSOAS University of London
Vacant role
Vacant roleSOAS University of London
Gavin Boyce
Gavin BoyceUniversity of Sheffield
Andy Bussey
Andy BusseyUniversity of Sheffield
Vacant role
Vacant roleUniversity of Southampton
Eleonora Gandolfi
Eleonora GandolfiUniversity of Southampton
Janet Aucock
Janet AucockUniversity of St Andrews
Sean Rippington
Sean RippingtonUniversity of St Andrews
Amy Waldron
Amy WaldronUniversity of Sussex
Suzanne Tatham
Suzanne TathamUniversity of Sussex
Christoph Schmidt-Supprian
Christoph Schmidt-SupprianTrinity College Dublin
Siobhán Dunne
Siobhán DunneTrinity College Dublin
Kirsty Wallis
Kirsty WallisUniversity College London
Erika Delbecque
Erika DelbecqueUniversity College London
Ed Kirkland
Ed KirklandUniversity of Warwick
Yvonne Budden
Yvonne BuddenUniversity of Warwick
Alexandra Eveleigh
Alexandra EveleighWellcome Collection
Christy Henshaw
Christy HenshawWellcome Collection
Susan Halfpenny
Susan HalfpennyUniversity of York
Sarah Thompson
Sarah ThompsonUniversity of York
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