RLUK very much values the contributions that speakers make to discussions within our research community and we are pleased to be able to showcase the innovation and expertise across sectors through our virtual events.

We have put together this guide for speakers and would recommend that you take a few minutes to review all this information.

Speaker checklist

  • Send us your speaker and presentation information
  • Send us a copy of your presentation slides and pre-prepared questions
  • Recordings and outputs will automatically be published by RLUK after any event, on the RLUK website and Zenodo. Please inform us if you would like any edits to the recording or would prefer us not to publish on Zenodo.


We primarily use Zoom for our virtual events.

Zoom meetings is used for smaller, more open events where a certain degree of interactivity is planned. All attendees in Zoom meetings are able to switch on their mics and videos (with permission).

Zoom webinars is used for larger events. Only the hosts and panelists will be able to switch on their mics and video and to be seen on screen. The audience will be restricted to engaging either through the chat or via the Q&A function.

If you are not familiar with Zoom please check this guide on screen sharing.

Speaker information

Once we have confirmed a date and time of the event with you please send us a headshot photo (minimum 400px), preferred name and job title, a summary of your talk (written in third person) and a short biography.

Meeting preparation

We will always schedule a rehearsal ahead of any events. This will either take place just before the event or scheduled further in advance. The rehearsal is an opportunity to test screen sharing, audio etc., and to meet other speakers and the chair (if available).

Our preference is for speakers to share and control their own slides, however, we do ask that a copy of your slides is sent to us in advance (this can be just before the event) as a back up in case of any unforeseen technical issues.

It is also helpful if you could send across any pre-prepared questions that might expand upon aspects of your talk that we can use as part of the Q&A discussion.

Event outputs

RLUK will by default record virtual events and recordings are normally posted on the RLUK website soon after the event. We do not ask speakers to review recordings before publishing, but ask that any requests for edits are communicated to us immediately after the event.


We will also publish recordings on Zenodo by default. If you would prefer that we do not publish your slides on Zenodo please let us know before or immediately after the event.