RLUK networks and working groups

RLUK external representation

RLUK is represented on the following working groups led by external organisations:

Jisc Collections Content Strategy Group

The Jisc Collections Content Strategy Group (Formerly Electronic Information Resources Working Group – EIRWG) was established in 2010 to provide advice to Jisc Collections.

RLUK Representative: David Prosser, Executive Director

Jisc Open Access Stakeholders Group

This is an informal group for information sharing and providing input to Jisc’s Open Access offering

RLUK Representative: David Prosser, Executive Director

EThOS Advisory Board

EThOS aims to demonstrate the quality of UK research by making UK doctoral theses discoverable and openly available online. It supports the UK Government’s open access principle that publications resulting from publicly-funded research should be made freely available for all researchers, providing opportunities for further research.

RLUK Representative: Robin Green, University of Warwick

Jisc Digital Archival Collections Advisory Group

A Jisc pilot based on a community-centred approach to lowering the cost of digital archival collections and the simple market principle: the more products purchased, the lower the price.

RLUK Representative: Martin Reid, LSE

Jisc Research Data Shared Service Group

A Jisc pilot service to allow researchers and institutions to meet their policy requirements for the deposit and curation of research data.

RLUK Representatives: Robin Green, University of Warwick

Jisc Library Services Advisory Group

A group formed of the merging of Jisc’s advisory groups looking after Knowledge Base+ and Bibliographic Data. The main group with oversight for the National Bibliographic Knowledge Base.

RLUK Representatives: David Prosser, Executive Director

National Monographs Strategy Group

Set up by HEFCE and run by UKRR, this group is made up of representatives from the British Library, Jisc, HEFCE, RLUK, SCONUL, and UKRR to investigate shared print/shared storage options.

RLUK Representatives: Robin Green, University of Warwick; David Prosser, Executive Director

Open Access Monographs Steering Group

A group set up out of the work of the UUK OA Coordination Group sub-group on monographs.  Their remit is to oversee an evidence-based data analysis of the current financial landscape for academic books.

RLUK Representatives: David Prosser, Executive Director

LACA: the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance

The Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA) lobbies in the UK and Europe about copyright and related rights on behalf of its member organisations and UK users of copyright works through library, archive and information services.

RLUK Representative: Matt Greenhall, Deputy Executive Director

Copyright for Knowledge

Copyright for Knowledge is a cross-sectoral body which aims to work with government at both a UK and European level to achieve a balanced copyright regime in Europe.

RLUK Representative: Matt Greenhall, Deputy Executive Director

LIBER Digital Humanities & Digital Cultural Heritage Working Group

The Digital Humanities & Digital Cultural Heritage Working Group is building a knowledge network within European libraries with an interest in digital humanities. It operates as part of LIBER’s Strategic Direction on Digital Skills & Services, which in turn is one of the key pillars of LIBER’s 2018-2022 Strategy.

RLUK Representative: Christina Kamposiori, Programme Officer

The National Archives HEAP

The Higher Education Archive Programme #HEAP is part of The National Archives’ continuing programme of engagement and sector support with particular archival constituencies. Research underpins the programme (including a series of research papers), building on a foundation of engagement and mapping work. It is a mixture of strategic and practical work encompassing activity across The National Archives and the wider sector including guidance and training, pilot projects and advocacy.

RLUK Representative: Judy Burg, Durham University

The National Archives Professional Fellowship Board

This group oversees the Professional Fellowship scheme which would enhance the existing ties between TNA and RLUK members, and would be in direct support of the joint Memorandum of Understanding and supporting Action Plan, as signed in October 2014.

RLUK Representatives: Christina Kamposiori, Programme Officer, and David Prosser, Executive Director

SCONUL Health and Social Care Strategy Group

The group has existed in many forms over a considerable number of years, having worked in a previous incarnation as the SCONUL Advisory Committee on Health Services (ACHS) which was established in 1993.  The group was re-established in its current form as the Health Strategy Group in May 2004. The HSG agreed from its inception to include in its membership, those individuals who had extensive and wide-ranging experience of working with the NHS. In 2008, the HSG agreed to develop into a tripartite group of SCONUL, Research Libraries UK and CILIP to further strengthen its advocacy and engagement scope. The enlarged Joint Health Strategy Group continues to respond and to advocate at the highest levels on behalf of its constituent members.

RLUK Representative: Jane O’Neill, Queen’s University Belfast

European Alliance of Research Excellence

The European Alliance for Research Excellence is a coalition of companies which are committed to the future of innovation and R&D. We want modern copyright rules in Europe that enable a fair and effective use of Text and Data Mining, to ensure Europe’s competitiveness and future prosperity.

RLUK Representative: David Prosser, Executive Director

Scholarly Communications Professional Development

An informal group looking at skill needed by library professionals working in the area of scholarly communications.

RLUK Representative: David Prosser, Executive Director, and Christina Kamposiori, Programme Officer

Jisc-Elsevier Open Science Group

RLUK Representative: Yvonne Budden, Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Warwick