RLUK has launched its new strategy for 2022-2025: The Library Transforming.

This strategy outlines the ways in which RLUK harnesses the collective voice, experience, and expertise of its members, its determination to support them as they face current and emerging challenges, and its ability to act as a confident voice on behalf of the community.

The members of RLUK, some of the largest and most important research libraries in the world, have come together in recognition that there are advantages in working collaboratively to ensure that libraries can continue to support research well into the 21st Century.

Through their leadership they are participating in the transformations that are taking place in research, research-informed teaching and learning, and wider civic and global engagement. They see the challenges and possibilities these changes present to libraries. As libraries are vital to the research endeavour they must continue to transform as research practice does.


This ambitious strategy seeks to drive change, enable dialogue, and promote collaboration across the research, information, and cultural sectors. It confidently asserts RLUK’s key strategic priorities for the period 2022-2025 and outlines our vision for their realisation through the creation of tangible programmes of work and cross-sector initiatives. The strategy will support RLUK’s members as they transform their collections, services, and spaces to meet new and changing demands and is the result of an extensive period of member engagement.

RLUK’s strategy is divided between five headline strands and three cross-cutting themes.

Each headline strand identifies a broad area of interest for our members where by coming together the community can make progress, both individually and collectively. They are underpinned by a series of strategic aims which will be achieved through an ambitious programme of events, initiatives, and programmes.

The three cross-cutting themes are overarching areas of interest which will run through everything that RLUK does within the strategy. The themes are both a commitment and a provocation to RLUK, its members, and stakeholders, to help us address some of the most pressing challenges facing us as institutions and as a society.

This combination of headline strands and cross- cutting themes enables RLUK to proactively support its members as they transform their collections, services, and operations. They enable flexibility in our work during uncertain times, and the dedication of resource, experience and expertise to the strategy’s implementation.

Read the full RLUK Strategy for 2022-2025