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The UDC Hub was developed by RLUK as part of our aim to support collections, wherever they are held. It is a free online resource for collection managers and practitioners to share the latest innovations, insights, case studies and best practice for unique and distinctive collections (UDCs).

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Valuing Archives: From non-market valuation to input-output analysis

Valuation is a necessary element in the cost-benefit analysis policymakers employ to select public projects which favour economic performance. In the information field[1], we have struggled to demonstrate the value and true impact of our services, and welcome non-market valuation [...]

From research to stories: university-museum collaboration in Kent

This paper explores the interdisciplinary methodologies adopted in an AHRC-funded collaborative project (called ‘Inspiring Women’) which aimed to tell the ‘hidden histories’ of women in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas in the early years of the twentieth century. Artefacts from [...]

Thinking outside the strongroom: exploring new directions in community engagement

At Explore York Libraries and Archives, as part of our HLF funded York: Gateway to History project, we’re exploring new directions in community engagement. We’re learning to become more flexible, dynamic and responsive in order to establish long lasting, mutually [...]

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