UKRR Phase 2 is now open for business.
We would like to invite UK Higher Education libraries to join UKRR by completing the application form on our website –
There will be 2 stages of activity in 2009, the first starting in July, the
second in December. You will be able to sign up at any time until the end of
2009 but the procedure is somewhat different for the two start dates:
1.) Applicants with material to be processed over summer 2009 should
complete the application form and return it to Frances Boyle (UKRR Manager)
by 3rd July. All applications will then be considered by the UKRR Selection
Panel and we shall let you know by 16th July whether your application has
been successful. Please bear in mind that capacity for this first tranche
is limited.
2.) Applicants who do not have material for immediate processing. If you
are considering applying later on in the year please contact Frances Boyle
( to register your interest and to formalise your
UKRR membership. In any case, please complete the application as soon as
possible and at the latest by the end of December 2009.
To note that the UKRR has a wide range of criteria and will particularly
favour lists containing a good mix of long and short runs, the ideal average
title/metreage ratio over your lists would be between 0.8 – 1.2. Be aware
that some material e.g. non Roman scripts, journals without ISSNs etc, will
take longer to process. In the first tranche of activity we shall need to
minimise the number of such titles.
Full details of the selection criteria as well as the application form,
subscription rates and other support material (including the UKRR Handbook,
our list submission template and FAQs) may be found on the UKRR website.
UKRR is a five year programme which has an annual subscription; there is
however some flexibility in the invoicing process. Options can be discussed
prior to joining and include paying up front for a number of years.
Should you need any advice do contact Frances Boyle who will be very happy
to steer you through the UKRR processes.
Meanwhile I look forward to welcoming you to the UK Research Reserve and
working together to safeguard research information in the UK.
Deborah Shorley, Head, UKRR