Copyright for Knowledge, a cross-sectoral body of which RLUK is a member, aims to work with government at both a UK and European level to achieve a balanced copyright regime in Europe. The group has responded to the UK Intellectual Property Office’s call for views on the EU Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Single Digital Market.

The response comments on several areas of interest and concern to research libraries:

  • Exceptions for text and data mining (TDM) should be extended to anyone with lawful access
  • Legal recourse for research organisations where TDM projects are frustrated by the unjustified use of Technical Protection Measures
  • Unnecessary new rights for press publishers that could in future be extended to scientific and scholarly publishers, undermining the Open Access agenda
  • The need for exceptions to facilitate digitisation of out-of-commerce works

The response also noted areas where the current EU proposal falls short, including the lack of an exception for cross-border document supply (inter-library loan) and digital preservation, and the need for the definition of dedicated terminals to be updated to include new technologies.

For further information, visit the Copyright for Knowledge website.