Provider, partner, pioneer: digital scholarship and the role of the research library

An international symposium

Monday 14 October 2019, British Library

This symposium explored the nature and extent of digital scholarship occurring within research libraries across the international research library community. It brought together representatives from international research library associations, funders, the academic community, and global-library collectives to discuss areas of potential cross-sector and interdisciplinary collaboration, and the routes and networks through which this might be achieved.

Slides from the event can be viewed below:

Building capacity for digital scholarship at a research library: Living with Machines, and the impact of data science
Mia Ridge, Digital Curator for Western Heritage Collections, The British Library


The work of The British Library Labs
Mahendra Mahey, British Library Labs Manager, The British Library

North America: The Research Library and Digital Scholarship, the experience in North America and the results of ARL’s 2016 study
Rikk Mulligan, Digital Scholarship Strategist, Carnegie Mellon University


North America: Digital Scholarship and the Association of Research Libraries
Judy Ruttenberg, Director – Scholars and Scholarship, Association of Research Libraries


Ireland: The Irish Digital Scholarship landscape: key areas, findings, and next steps
Cillian Joy, Digital Publishing and Innovation, National University of Ireland, Galway


UK and Ireland: The results of RLUK’s Digital Scholarship survey and the work of its Digital Scholarship Network
Matt Greenhall, Deputy Executive Director, Research Libraries UK
Beth Clark, Head of Digital Scholarship, London School of Economics and Co-convenor of RLUK’s Digital Scholarship Network

Europe: Europe’s Digital Humanities Landscape, the results of LIBER’s 2019 study
Kirsty Lingstadt, Head of Digital Library & Deputy Head of Library and University Collections, and Co-Chair of LIBER’s DH working group
Lotte Wilms, Digital Scholarship Advisor, National Library of the Netherlands, and Co-Chair of LIBER’s DH working group

International collaboration in an academic context

Julianne Nyhan, Associate Professor of Digital Information Studies, University College London

The UK-US Collaboration for Digital Scholarship in Cultural Institutions Programme
Adam Walker, Head of International Partnerships and Engagement, Arts and Humanities Research Council