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Digital scholarship case studies

As a part of its continued work around digital scholarship and the digital shift within collections, RLUK has collated a number of case studies which provide an overview of current work being undertaken across RLUK libraries in relation to the development of digital scholarship processes, services, and spaces. They highlight current best-practice, lessons learnt, and we hope will facilitate knowledge exchange between members. They will also complement the recent research undertaken by RLUK into Digital Scholarship and the publication of Digital scholarship and the role of the research library, and help inform the future work of a number of RLUK’s member networks.

The case studies highlight:

  • New practices or processes which have challenged or changed ways of working within the library;
  • Ways in which the library has established itself as a trusted, and costed, partner working with researchers or other departments in the design and development of digital scholarship services;
  • The creation of digital scholarship (inc. humanities) spaces within the library, or involving the library, and the intended purpose of these and the use to which these have been put;
  • The creation of new teams or departments around digital scholarship activities and the perceived benefits of these

***Some case studies may currently be restricted to RLUK members only.

Development of Digital Scholarship Centre and development of Digital Scholarship within the Library and University Collections, University of Edinburgh

This project highlights how Library and University Collections, University [...]

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