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This meeting is open to members of RLUK’s SCLN only.
This meeting will focus on responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will open at 12.45 for those who would like to have a short informal catch up over a bite to eat or drink.
The meeting will properly begin at 13.00 and will focus in that first hour on our leadership reflections in the current situation. It will offer a safe space to explore personal and team resilience, approaches to managing and supporting teams in the new norm, preparedness and lessons learned. We hope to incorporate smaller breakout groups during this session to facilitate those discussions.
After a short comfort break (13.50-14.00) there will be an update on the AHRC Towards a National Collection virtual assembly. There will also be an update on our meeting with the new RLUK SCLN Board Champions, Jill Taylor-Roe and Liz Waller.
The final section of the meeting will look at our approaches to archiving COVID-19. Most members will be giving this consideration: where is there consensus and possible collaboration on what is collected; what are the challenges in terms of digital skills and infrastructure; are there issues to highlight and recommendations we would want to make to the Board.

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