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RLUK Special Collections Programme (SCP) Joint Workshop on Scoping

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RLUK Special Collections Programme (SCP) Joint Workshop on Scoping
Where: Birmingham, Library of Birmingham
When: 31 July 2018
Who should attend: The meeting is open to members of the RLUK Special Collections Programme (SCP) networks or by invitation only.
The purpose of the workshop is to consult our networks on RLUK’s plan to deliver a national scoping survey toolkit for uncatalogued collections. The proposed pilot project will develop, test and consult with stakeholders in order to fully develop the survey methodology.
The intended output of the pilot will be a trusted, free-to-use survey toolkit for assessing the content, condition and significance of items and collections which cannot currently be discovered because no finding aids exist for them.
Through this workshop we aim to:
  • Examine the wider rationale for creating a standardised scoping survey designed for undiscoverable special collections.
  • Identify the potential benefits of a standardised, trusted, free-to-use survey toolkit.
  • Highlight the main challenges and risks of the proposed pilot project.
  • Improve the rationale for the specific collections to be included in the pilot.
  • Tackle the big practical and logistical questions around how the pilot project should be shaped and undertaken.

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