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This event is open to colleagues from RLUK members institutions only.

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Event speakers:

Analysing Digital Historical Textual Data at Scale with Defoe Toolbox

Rosa Filgueira Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (EPCC)

Rosa is a research fellow at EPCC (University of Edinburgh), working in several national and international funded projects. Before that, she was working as a Senior Data Scientist at the British Geological Survey, as a Senior Research Associate at the Data Intensive Research Group of the University Edinburgh and as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Computer Architecture Group of University Carlos III Madrid. Her research is concerned with two closely topics. The first one is to develop adaptive communication techniques which optimise the data movement for data-intensive applications at different HPC levels. The second one is to facilitate the development of scientific workflows/applications/libraries/tools (such as defoe toolboex) that can by run in many HPC and Cloud environments while hiding the complexity to the users.

Support the (Data) Miners!

Alex Fenlon, Head of Copyright and Licensing, University of Birmingham

Alex works with academics and students helping them to navigate all aspects the copyright minefield. He provides training and guidance to all sectors of the University community and regularly contribute to the development of university strategic policies. Over that past year or so Alex has been called upon to explore copyright aspects relating to AI, Big Data and machine learning all of which are based on data mining techniques. Alex’s talk will focus on his recent experience supporting research activity in this area and a project he is working on to develop a sustainable, scalable support service.

Mining the HathiTrust Digital Library using the tools and services of the HathiTrust Research Center

Eleanor Dickson Koehl, Associate Director of Outreach and Education Services for the HathiTrust Research Center and Digital Scholarship Librarian at HathiTrust

Eleanor Koehl leads training and outreach for the HathiTrust Research Center, including working closely with researchers who utilize HTRC for text analysis, overseeing its training program, and managing the Research Center’s Advanced Collaborative Support program. Previously she supported digital humanities research in the University of Illinois Library’s Scholarly Commons. Her research interests include research behaviors in digital scholarship and scholarly needs for library-supported digital humanities and computational social science research.

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