The International Alliance of Research Library Associations (IARLA), of which RLUK is a member, applauds the ratification of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. Research libraries are key partners and leaders in the open science movement. Worldwide, research libraries have hired staff, built infrastructure, advocated for public policies, and developed scholar-focused services to support open science practices. Research libraries are well positioned to contribute directly to advancing many of the areas of action outlined in the Recommendation, in particular:

  • Promoting a common understanding of open science, associated benefits and challenges, as well as diverse paths to open science;
  • Investing in open science infrastructures and services;
  • Investing in human resources, training, education, digital literacy, and capacity building for open science;
  • Fostering a culture of open science and aligning incentives for open science;
  • Promoting innovative approaches for open science at different stages of the scientific process;
  • Promoting international and multi-stakeholder cooperation in the context of open science and with a view to reducing digital, technological, and knowledge gaps.

Research libraries, guided by the values of openness and equity, have a critical role to play in strengthening open science practices, and are committed to advancing the recommendations in partnership with their institutions, scholars, and broader communities.