JISC seeks community’s views on the Google book settlement
The US Google Book Settlement and its potential implications have captured the attention and imagination of a range of people – from those working within higher and further education to publishers, authors, libraries, museums and archives. Interest has grown as developments have slowly unfolded, which have seen approximately seven million books digitised by Google through partnerships with libraries, publishers and authors.
JISC has created a space to keep the higher and further education communities abreast of news and events as they happen in an arena which is fast-moving and ever changing. It is not only aimed at offering up-to-date developments, but also offers the opportunity to comment on issues which encroach on surrounding debates such as the use and re-use of digital content and Intellectual Property Rights more broadly, as well as issues around the moneterisation of digital content.
Notably, this is aimed primarily at gauging the views of universities and colleges primarily, but it is also a great way for JISC to be able to gauge the views of the public-sector holistically. The site is:
Please do feel free to add your own comments and opinions as well as to share with colleagues.
(reproduced with permission).