Making your collections DS ready: copyright and licensing implications of AI and TDM

The RLUK Digital Scholarship Network (DSN) met on 27 April 2022 to explore the copyright and licensing implications of digital scholarship within research libraries, and the copyright implications of artificial intelligence and text and data mining. 

Through meeting featured a series of presentations and short case studies, to provide an overview of the copyright and licensing landscape of AI, including the UK Government’s recent consultation of AI and intellectual property, and how individual institutions support and enable AI and TDM.

Speakers included:

  • Margaret Haig, Head of Copyright Operations, Intellectual Property Office
  • Jeremy Rollinson, Senior Director, European Government Affairs, Microsoft
  • Christy Henshaw, Digital Production Manager, Wellcome Collection, and vice-chair, Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance
  • Lisa Bird & Alex Fenlon, Head of Copyright and Licensing, University of Birmingham
  • Sean Rippington, Digital Archives and Copyright Manager, University of St Andrews
  • Fred Saunderson, Rights and Information Manager, The National Library of Scotland  

A visual record of discussions from the meeting was created by Live Doodle.

A Jamboard produced from the interactive discussions by meeting attendees: