Research Councils UK (RCUK) has today, 5th March, announced the amounts that it will be paying to institution in the block grant to support the implementation of its open access policy. For 2015/16 RCUK will make available a total of £22.6 million via the block grant, with institutions seeing a rise of around 14% in their individual grants.

As further support for the RCUK policy on open access, STFC have also provided funding to SCOAP3 to benefit UK institutions. The SCOAP3 partnership has helped to convert several journals in the area of High-Energy Physics to Open Access at no cost to authors.

Subsequent years of the RCUK block grant will be influenced by the findings of the Independent Review of the Implementation of the RCUK Open Access Policy, due to publish later this month, as well as the future spending review.


Further information

Alexandra Saxon
Head of RCUK Strategy Unit
Tel: 01793 444474 or email: Alexandra Saxon


Top image courtesy of Imperial College London Library