Research Libraries UK, through JISC and MIMAS, makes available a large database of bibliographic data. RLUK very much supports the idea of open bibliographic data, and is a signatory to the Discovery Open Metadata Principles ( RLUK estimates that approximately 16 million bibliographic records in its database are free from restrictions in terms of redistribution and open licensing.

RLUK would therefore like to determine the most effective way of publishing the available records as open metadata, with an emphasis on enabling reuse.

Owen Stephens of Owen Stephens Consulting has been commissioned to scope the parameters of making RLUK data openly available and to that end, has created a quick survey. The survey is designed to get feedback from librarians, system vendors, and developers as to the most technically robust form for its open data, the communities that would be potential users of open data from RLUK, and the data formats that would best serve these communities.

The survey, which also covers other important questions, takes about 10 minutes to complete and is available at:

RLUK would be grateful if colleagues, across sectors, could broadcast news about this survey widely.