Dare to share: new approaches to long-term collections management
A Research Libraries UK and Preservation Advisory Centre joint conference exploring how collaborative activities can form part of a strategic approach to collections management across research and higher education institutions.
Monday 6 September 2010
Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, United Kingdom
This one day conference examines how libraries and other research institutions can benefit from integrating preservation into broader, long-term collections management strategies with a particular emphasis on collaborative preservation ventures. Speakers from the UK and abroad present current thinking on hybrid collections; using collection strengths to inform integrated strategies for resource allocation; how digitisation affects what we keep; protecting investment in digitisation projects; lifecycle costing of digital collections; and opens up the question about the UKRR being a model for other library materials.
The day builds on research by the RLUK/BL Preservation Learning Project which identified high demand for skills development on strategic issues in collections management amongst staff in research and higher education libraries. Responses particularly emphasised the value that a long-term view can bring in considering access to the collections