RLUK Conference 2018  – Call for papers


Research libraries are integral to advancing research and enriching academic life.

Research thrives in cultures that are curious, embrace collaboration and openness, and that work collectively towards equity and the betterment of society for all. In this time, when political and social disruption is challenging our social norms, the wider library community has been reflecting on our shared values. What values should guide our research libraries? How can these values and principles help us to advance our collections, infrastructure, networks, and standards in order to best support our world-class research?

The 2018 RLUK Conference will explore these questions around the following five values, developed in dialogue with our international partners:

  • The primacy of global access to information for learning and scholarship
  • The importance of stewardship, production and preservation of information resources as a public good
  • The principles of academic and intellectual freedom
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Commitment to professional and ethical standards and practice

We invite submissions for papers (20 minutes) or workshops (1.5hr) focused on, but not limited to, the above five values. We also welcome submissions that may fall outside of these topics but that will still be of relevance and interest to our delegates.

The Conference will be held on 14-16 March 2018 at the British Library.

Read the full call for papers on the RLUK Conference website