RLUK’s Digital Scholarship Network (DSN) hosted an online symposium on 6 October 2022 which explored the nature and extent of digital scholarship occurring within research libraries across the international research library community. It brought together representatives from the international research library community, European library networks and the academic community to discuss the challenges we continue to have and progress we have made in the past years. The symposium provided an overview of emerging trends and commonalities between different approaches, and areas of potential collective working and collaboration.

The event was co-chaired by DSN co-convenors Eleonora Gandolfi, Head of Digital Scholarship & Innovation at the University of Southampton, and Kirsty Lingstadt, Director of Library, Archives and Learning Services at the University of York.

Speakers at the event were:

  • Abbey Potter, Senior Innovation Specialist, Library of Congress Digital Innovation Lab
  • Meghan Ferriter, Senior Innovation Specialist, Library of Congress Digital Innovation Lab
  • James Baker, Director of Digital Humanities, University of Southampton
  • Jane Winters, Professor of Digital Humanities & Director of the Digital Humanities Research Hub, Institute of Historical Research and UK-IE Digital Humanities Network
  • Anja Smit, LIBER Secretary-General, Director at DANS and Dutch Digital Competence network
  • Cillian Joy, Digital Library Developer, University of Galway and Digital Scholarship Network Ireland
  • Heli Kautonen, Library Director, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura and LIBER
  • Rikk Mulligan, Digital Scholarship Strategist, Carnegie Mellon University