Research Libraries UK (RLUK) derives its strength from the commitment of its members and their shared vision to ensure that libraries contribute to the advancement of research and scholarship through their outstanding collections and services. We are very pleased to announce that following a round of applications, four new members will join RLUK. We welcome:

Royal Holloway, University of London
University of Leicester
University of Reading
University of Sussex

‘We were very impressed with the quality of the applications we received from libraries wishing to join RLUK,’ said John MacColl, Chair of both RLUK and the Membership Sub-Group. ‘All four of our new member libraries were able to demonstrate their commitment to the values of RLUK, and we are sure that they will improve our existing organisation. They will bring new insights to the challenges we face both institutional and collective, delivering innovative research support services, and refreshing our approaches to the enduring task of building and caring for collections’.

The Directors of the Libraries from the four new members (John Tuck, Caroline Taylor, Julia Munro, and Kitty Inglis respectively) confirmed that they were ‘thrilled to be joining the RLUK community, and look forward to working with colleagues from an exceptional group of institutions and contributing to the re-envisioning of the research library in a digital age’.