Claiming for personal expenses
Using Skype for teleconferences

Personal expense claims

RLUK’s policy on the reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with RLUK business are outlined in accordance with Inland Revenue guidelines.

The following non-allowable expenses are not permitted by RLUK or by the Inland Revenue.

  • Home to work travel
  • Home telephone rental costs
  • Any costs related to internet connectivity at home.
  • Any traffic related fines incurred on business travel

The following allowable expenses are permitted, subject to appropriate prior authorisation.

  • RLUK-related business travel – mileage, fares etc.
  • Subsistence – meals and accommodation costs during any period of travel for RLUK-related business.
  • Conferences – Fees and expenses on conferences when attending on behalf of RLUK.
  • RLUK-related business calls – using either a home or mobile telephone.

Business Travel

First class and business class travel is not permitted under RLUK policy unless it can be demonstrated that it is the cheapest ticketing option of all available tickets or is no more than 10% of the standard class fare. If a first class or business class ticket is purchased, RLUK may, under its own discretion, cover the cost of a standard class ticket on the exact same journey so long as documentary proof of the standard class fare is provided with the original receipts.

Car Mileage (use of personal vehicle)

All car mileage claims must clearly state the start and end postcodes on the expenses form.
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Submitting an RLUK expenses claim

Making a claim in GBP

To submit an expenses claim complete the RLUK expenses form and email to Melanie Cheung with a scan of your original receipts. Credit card slips or statements will not be accepted as evidence of business expenditure. A VAT receipt must include the name and address of the retailer, the retailer’s VAT registration number, the date of the purchase, details of what goods or services have been purchased and the VAT inclusive value of those goods or services in sterling.

Making a claim in a foreign currency

Please use the foreign currency expenses form if you are claiming in a currency other than pound sterling.

To convert to GBP please use the historic currency converter at Alternatively you may provide evidence of the exchange rate via a currency exchange slip or from a credit card statement if relevant.


Using Skype for tele/videoconferences

RLUK uses Skype for tele/videoconferences for online RLUK meetings. Further information on how to set up group calls on Skype can be found via the links below.

Setting up an account on Skype (Windows)
Setting up an account on Skype (Mac)
Skype guide to group calls (Windows)
Skype guide to group calls (Mac)



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