#RLUK22: Mapping the new open for research libraries 

Open: to be visible, accessible, welcoming, receptive to knowledge and experiences, expansive, and within reach.

The RLUK22 Conference call for papers is open for submissions.

Now is the time to look forward to the new possibilities for research libraries.

Across the research and higher education sector libraries have demonstrated their ability to adapt and thrive, and have underlined their importance and value to research and scholarship.

The RLUK22 Conference will delve into what the new open will mean for research libraries. We don’t look back to restoring what once was, but instead look forward to the future library now.

This period of disruption has accelerated the evolution of our libraries, across the digital and physical space. We have an opportunity to rethink all aspects of our libraries with an openness agenda in mind: our priorities, our infrastructure, our staff and ways of working, our services and relationships with our users, and what our libraries mean to them. How can we use the transformative power of the library to affect change on campus and in the wider research landscape?

The discussions from RLUK22 will align with the new RLUK Strategy for 2021-24 which seeks to drive change, enable dialogue, and promote collaboration across the research, information, and cultural sectors.


About the conference

RLUK22 will be a virtual conference held from 14-16 March 2022.

The conference is open to all, and is an excellent opportunity for professionals to connect, discuss and debate together in order to help shape the research library of the 21st century.

Read the full RLUK22 Call for Papers here. The deadline for submissions is Friday 19 November.

RLUK22 bursaries will be available and details will be announced later this year, along with details of the conference fee.