Over the past eight years, the DCDC Conference has brought together thousands of delegates from across the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond. It has played a key role in championing collections, wherever they are held, and the immense value they bring to our communities.

DCDC has enabled RLUK to reach out across sectors to engage in collaborative discussions, and serves as a forum by which we have been able to deliver on some of our strategic ambitions around special collections, digital scholarship and the digital shift.

The conference will be taking a brief break in 2020 to build on its success and will return in a new location in summer 2021. The later date provides the perfect opportunity for the conference to focus on attracting an even more diverse audience and to introduce exciting new content and formats.

RLUK, and DCDC partners, The National Archives and Jisc, look forward to hosting the next edition of DCDC. We are proud to deliver a conference series that looks beyond the differences between the various sectors we work in, and instead examines and celebrates the innovations, challenges and experiences that unite us.

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