Project Description

Covid-19 and the Future of the Digital Shift amongst Research Libraries: An RLUK Perspective in Context – New Review of Academic Librarianship

Date: September 2021

Authors: Guy Baxter, Lorraine Beard, Gavin Beattie, Michelle Blake, Matt Greenhall, Kirsty Lingstadt, William J. Nixon, and Torsten Reimer.

This article will explore how the Covid-19 pandemic has witnessed the digital shift in action. Combining the reflections of individual academic and research libraries, and using RLUK’s previous research into the impact of Covid-19 as a foundation, this article will reflect on how realistic and future looking the manifesto was. It will explore the collective experiences of libraries regarding the digital shift, will consider progress made in the implementation of the manifesto against this rapidly changing backdrop, and will provide a series of reflections for the future.