RLUK will be hosting an international digital scholarship symposium on 14 October at the British Library.

Provider, partner, pioneer: digital scholarship and the role of the research library will explore the nature and extent of digital scholarship occurring within research libraries across the international research library community. It will bring together representatives from international research library associations, funders, members of the academic community, and global-library collectives to explore areas of potential cross-sector and interdisciplinary collaboration, and the routes and networks through which this might be achieved.

The symposium will provide delegates with an overview of recently published international research, emerging trends and commonalities between these studies, and areas of potential collective working and collaboration.

It follows the recent publication of RLUK’s research report Digital Scholarship and the Role of the Research Library and is convened by RLUK’s Digital Scholarship Network.

Speakers at the event:

  • Rikk Mulligan, Digital Scholarship Strategist, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Judy Ruttenberg, Director – Scholars and Scholarship, Association of Research Libraries
  • Cillian Joy, Digital Publishing and Innovation, National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Mia Ridge, Digital Curator for Western Heritage Collections, The British Library
  • Mahendra Mahey, British Library Labs Manager, The British Library
  • Robin Green, University Librarian, University of Warwick
  • Masud Khokhar, Director of York University Libraries
  • Matt Greenhall, Deputy Executive Director, Research Libraries UK
  • Kirsty Lingstadt, Head of Digital Library & Deputy Head of Library and University Collections, University of Edinburgh
  • Julianne Nyhan, Associate Professor of Digital Information Studies, University College London
  • Adam Walker, Strategic Lead for Global, Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • Titia van der Werf, Senior Programme Officer – Research, OCLC EMEA

This event is open to colleagues engaged in the strategic development and delivery of digital scholarship services within research libraries and higher-education institutions, members of the academic community, sectoral bodies, and funders.

You can find out more about the symposium and details on how to register on the event page.