Preservation learning programme

RLUK and the British Library jointly funded the three-year Preservation Learning Project since April 2009.  A recurring theme throughout was the need for libraries to consider the relationship between their approach to preservation and conservation and the wider context of their overall strategy for collection management.

Four focus groups were held in June and July 2009, with invitees from RLUK member libraries. Participants discussed examples of useful preservation-related staff development; examples of preservation problems they had encountered; and their views on training needs for the future.

Preservation training survey
Focus group report on identifying preservation training needs of RLUK libraries
Caring for collections resource

Evaluation study – final report

The CoFoR project stemmed from a concern acknowledged in the Final Report of the Research Support Libraries Group that uncoordinated development and management of research collections in libraries would increasingly put at risk the UK’s ability to provide comprehensive coverage of research materials in key disciplines.

CoFoR’s aim was to explore the feasibility of a fully national and coordinated approach to collection development and management. The project worked closely both with the research community and research libraries with significant Russian and East European Studies holdings to establish a ground-breaking 10-year voluntary partnership agreement regarding the acquisition, retention and transfer of stock in relevant subject areas. The project also developed a Toolkit for those wishing to develop CCM schemes in other disciplines.

CoFoR final report
CCM report summary 


Response to invitation to tender
Feasibility and requirements study on preservation of e-prints

 Joint CURL-Jisc digitisation survey

This is the result of the work overseen by CURL and the JISC, resulting from the study commissioned by the two groups to assess the current provision of digitised (excluding born-digital) collections for UK-based researchers.

This is a major piece of work, whose recommendations include the establishment of a UK framework for digitisation; greater co-ordination of existing services, and more investigation into users’ needs.

Digitisation in the UK
Digitised content in the UK research library and archives sector

Monograph inter-lending project

Final recommendations
Book now final report

National union catalogue feasibility study

A Feasibility Study into a National Union Catalogue for the UK is being funded jointly by JISC, RSLP and the British Library and will report in December 2000. The Study is being undertaken by a consortium led by the University of Sheffield Library and including CURL, the University of Glasgow Library and Crossnet Systems. The aim is to undertake a review of key issues that impinge on the creation of a National Union Catalogue for monographs, serials and other formats (such as archives and manuscripts).