Collaborative projects and services have long been recognised as a means of achieving effectiveness and efficiency. Building on the RLUK experience of such initiatives as COPAC, Ethos and UKRR, we will focus on ways in which RLUK members can work collaboratively to reduce costs and/or to improve the quality of services we offer. We will initially take a wide view of what ‘collaboration’ might cover, including shared services, shared management intelligence and information, shared purchasing, and shared collection management, linking these to tangible benefits such as achieving cost savings and creating faster and better service delivery.  We will develop the potential of existing initiatives such as our current work with JISC on Resource Discovery and extend our thinking through partnerships with other bodies nationally and internationally. Wherever appropriate we will offer opportunities for extending shared approaches to benefit the sector as a whole.

Working group members

  • Wayne Connolly (Chair), Newcastle University
  • Lorraine Beard, University of Manchester
  • Laurence Bebbington, University of Aberdeen
  • Heather Green, University of Warwick
  • Martin Gill, University of Leeds
  • Susan Howard, Imperial College London
  • Carol Kay, University of Liverpool
  • Pete Maggs, Durham University
  • Mike Mertens, RLUK
  • David Prosser, RLUK
  • Tracey Stanley, Cardiff University

Top image courtesy of Newcastle University Library