RLUK libraries are continually exploring new approaches to services and new roles for staff.  Many are engaged in internal initiatives and external project collaborations which are identifying these new ways of working and emerging roles.

Over the past three years research by the RIN, JISC and other groups including RLUK has highlighted important issues for the direction of the future of research libraries which need to be debated and assimilated as part of a more holistic approach. This strand will take as its context the changing environment of UK funding and policy across the research library sector, and adopt a thematic approach to synthesising these ideas. The aim is to cover a wide spectrum including our support for researchers, use of space, decisions on collection building/relegation, embedding shared opportunities for infrastructure, scholarly communication and workforce development. It will draw in ideas from other workstreams and collaborators, and integrate them into an overall picture.

The work is intended directly to support member libraries by providing exemplars and advocacy for use in change management and future planning. The outputs will include position papers, focused meetings to share practice, and shared training sessions with other bodies.

 Working group members

  • Wayne Connolly, Newcastle University
  • John MacColl, University of St Andrews
  • Mike Mertens, RLUK
  • David Prosser, RLUK
  • Nicola Wright, RLUK

Top image courtesy of Tim Pestridge, University of Exeter Library