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#RLUK24 Virtual Conference :: 20-22 March 2024

New Frontiers: The expanding scope of the modern research library

Registration is now open for the RLUK24 Conference, being held virtually on 20-24 March. Full details, including information on bursaries and networking grants, can be found on the RLUK Conference website.

The role of the research library continues to expand as formats multiply, technology advances, and the expectations of the research community grow. As in many sectors, AI has the potential to significantly shift the research process, research dissemination, and workflows. All aspects of library activity could be impacted, from content creation, cataloguing and metadata, through to interactions with researchers. But with these exciting possibilities come ethical considerations and the need to consider the impact on both staff and users of libraries. RLUK24 seeks to consider the potential of AI but will give space to pause and consider the implications of such rapid and significant change.

Research libraries are placed within larger institutions and the wider communities – both local, national, and international. RLUK24 will investigate the ways in which libraries can align and support institutional strategies, build partnerships, and engage with wider (often new) communities.

As our libraries take on this expanding scope, the skills that library staff need also expand. RLUK24 will look at leadership in a post-pandemic blended world, as well as ways in which we can demonstrate the impact and value of new activities.

We look forward to your joining us on 20-22 March 2024, as we explore the new frontiers for research libraries.

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