In 2012 RLUK issued the report Re-skilling for Research outlining the findings of investigations carried out by Mary Auckland (in 2010/11) on behalf of the RLUK Workforce Development Group.

The aims of the project were:

‘To map the information needs of researchers onto tasks to be undertaken by subject librarian/information specialist/liaison staff and to develop the skills sets of existing staff to ensure they meet the needs of a constantly changing research environment.’

The key areas of investigation were:
1. Review of subject librarian (etc.) roles
2. Review skills sets required to support researchers
3. Review of relevant training and development activities currently available in the sector
4. Review alternative models of information support for researchers

The survey

To see how the landscape has changed and to help inform future planning, in summer 2013 the RRLM team undertook a survey of the RLUK membership.  The survey was open from June to October 2013 and covered:

  • details about you/your organisation
  • where research support sits in your organisation
  • restructuring: has your Library been restructured in the recent past, are you currently restructuring or do you plan to in the near future?
  • posts focused specifically on supporting research/researchers
  • the 13 elements of the research life cycle: which are supported and by whom?
  • how has workforce expertise has been developed (by recruitment or training)?


Top image courtesy of University of Liverpool Library