The second RRLM workshop on the ‘Role of the Library in the Research Process’ was held at the University of Leeds on 1 July 2013.


What is the leadership role of the library in supporting research? – Stella Butler, University of Leeds


The role of the library in the research process – John MacColl, University of St Andrews


An expert research partner – Jan Wilkinson, University of Manchester


Can research libraries enable and sustain an innovation culture – Nicola Wright, LSE


Library support for research: roles and support – Stephen Pinfield, University of Sheffield


Supporting research through a new library services strategy – Gavin Beattie, King’s College London


Towards a research data management service – Chris Gibson, University of Manchester


Strategy into service: research support services at LSE – Martin Reid, LSE


Library assisted publishing: using Open Journal systems (OJS) – Theo Andrew, University of Edinburgh